Sunday, 18 April 2010

Exercise over the last few days

Had a pretty good last few days.

Wednesday's exercise was 45 minutes on the cross trainer at the gym at a reasonable intensity. When I started at the gym a couple of months back I used to start on level 12/20 and might increase to 13/20. Now I tend to start at 13/20 and work my way up to 16/20, with a longer duration and higher RPM. I'm sure its helping with the running.

Thursday was a trip to the physio (which gave rise to the half full post below) and then a run in the afternoon. I did a little over 6 miles but it was one of those runs where you just don't feel up for it. Everything feels harder than it should do. Not sure if I was tired, a little dehydrated or what. Main thing was that I got the run completed.

Friday was 10 minutes on the cross trainer by way of a warm up and then a 10k row. Phew, that was a toughey! Partly because that sort of distance is new to me in rowing terms and partly because the only free C2 was next to and beneath various windows in full sun. I was sweating cobs within a couple of minutes but when you're against the clock you can't stop to mop your brow let alone switch to a newly vacant machine. It was alright though as i knocked a decent chunk of the time I'd done 2 weeks before.

Saturday was a run in the morning (more on that in the next post too) and then a steady paced 45 minutes on the cross trainer in the afternoon while I watched the second half of Leeds's victory over Hull in the Challenge Cup.

Today was a very brief trip to the gym for 10 minutes on the cross trainer to warm up then 10 x 250m on the C2 with 40 secs rest between. Each 250m was close to being all out and I certainly found it tough. Doing HIIT on the cross trainer I found 30s rest was fine after 1 minute intense but with hindsight 1 minute might be better on the rower as my rowing fitness isn't as high. Still, it'll all help.

After that we headed for our weekly walk on the dales. This time it was an easy 6.5 miles in deserted Waldendale, with little climbing but pleasant all the same. Afterwards it was off for the weekly treat, this time going back to the White Lion at Cray on the way home. Now I'm stuffed once again!

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