Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Give it a rest

Last week was earmarked as a rest week but with no real plan behind it. In the event it turned into a bit of a week off for the most part.

Monday was really humid so I did 2.6 miles while Beth was with the running club then left it at that. I'd expected to do 6-7 miles on Tuesday night with the running club but it turned out to be a slow and slightly disjointed 4.68 miles instead. Wednesday was due to be 3 miles with Beth but she was determined not to go leaving me in a foul mood and over eating. The dye was set.

Thursday's run was also cancelled though I can't think why and replaced with significant eating. Friday was always a rest day and normally a gluttony day too. Saturday was 3 miles with Beth and lots more eating; and Sunday I planned to do 8 but after several days over eating and sleeping badly the previous 2 nights I ended up doing a difficult 5 miles in the humid weather. And then went for a curry!

Ah well, a week off probably does you good. Yesterday I started the week living only on fruit & veg and did 3.75 while Beth was at her club. Running club tonight.

I have less than 4 weeks until we go on holiday and now want to get down to 12st by then. That's a very tough ask as yesterday the scales read 12st 13lb!

We shall see.

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