Sunday, 26 July 2009

Another high

Another good week.

The staples included a slightly frustrating and stuttering club run which I extended by a bit of an extra loop on my own to take it up to 7.33 miles; and I ran a couple of times with Bethan who twice broke her 3 mile PB in the process as well as running 2 miles before her quick break during those runs.

The two 'hard' runs for the week were a 6.2 mile (10k) run done to see what pace I could manage and a 13.1 mile LSR today. The 10k was completed in 47:20 which was pleasing and today's half marathon LSR was finished in a shade over 1:56.

Weight wise it started well but then my weight stuck at 12st 1.0lb Tuesday to Saturday. Over eating through the weekend will have upped that but I still hope to get under 12 stone before next Saturday's departure on holiday.

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