Monday, 29 June 2009

Last week has had a similar theme to the week that preceded it - both running and weight wise.

On the running side I did a 3 mile run in the pouring rain last Monday while Bethan was at running club then 6.72 with Abbey Runners the day after. The latter was with a small 'breakaway' group from the usual lot and was run slightly faster with fewer breaks. I rested Wednesday & Friday and between them did 5 miles in sunshine and heat. Saturday brought Beth's first 3 mile run and then yesterday I covered 10 miles in 1:22:56.

I've carried on with the Chi Running principles, or at least some of them. I've been running to the 85 cadence on the metronome (and will up that by one per week for 5 weeks) then after a mile or so have started to think more about relaxing the lower legs and finally practised the lean at different points in the two most recent runs. It now looks to have made me about 40s per mile faster for the same perceived effort.

With weight to lose, Chi Running form to improve, cadence to up further and fitness to come the PB targets I've set for the autumn look very achieveable.

I entered 7 races on Monday:

Birchwood 10k on 23rd August
Great Yorkshire Run on 6th September
Selby Wistow 10 mile on 13th September

Horsforth 10k on 27th September
Harewood 10 mile on 4th October
Lancaster Half on 8th November
Leeds Abbey Dash on 22nd November

The ones in bold are races with genuine PB potential. Add to those the Great Cumbrian Run (half) on the 25th October which I'll enter soon. I'll also fit in a couple of 5ks at the Hyde Park time trials in Leeds at some point.

Weight loss has been a complete mirror of the previous week: Going great guns Monday to Thursday, with weight at lowest by Wednesday, then blowing it by bingeing Friday to Sunday. Net result of only 0.2lb lost week to week. Not sure what to do about that - obviously weekends are a danger area for me, this week even without a meal out.

Having a cut back week this week, though realistically that just means I'll do 6 miles on Sunday instead of 10/12.

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