Friday, 1 July 2011

Blackpool, dieting and my achillies heel

Into day 5 and all so far so good - despite the lack of exercise.

My stomach has shrunk dramatically (principally because it's containing a lower volume of food!), my face looks thiner (though that could be because I haven't shaved since Tuesday), and the scales say I'm 6.2lb lighter. Most importantly though, on 3 of the first 4 days I stuck very closely to my allowance and on the other - when faced with the unforeseen challenge of Sue returning from a school trip to Blackpool with an, ostensibly Irn Bru flavoured, stick of rock for me - I didn't let it lead to giving up for the day and stayed 550 under maintenance level.

The food types have been far better too with huge salads for each of the last 3 days. Its more difficult during the day as I have to limit myself to a very light breakfast and incredibly light dinner in order to leave myself the scope for a decent tea and some calories left over for a light snack in the evening. Even light running would make a big difference there.

Achillies still feels sore to the touch and occasionally a little sore/stiff during the day but nothing more. Unfortunately, getting a physio appointment has seemed about as easy as getting a plumber (a difficult task I faced last week). I emailed on Monday evening asking for a call back to make an appointment and expected a call Tuesday morning as its not like they will be inundated with requests each day. When no call came I tried calling them but in rang through to answer machine. So I tried again on Wednesday and once more yesterday, with the same result again. I'll try again today, but as I was working from home all week I'd been hopeful of getting an appointment this week. Never mind.


~Jessica~ said...

I admire your willpower Rob: you're doing so well and I wish I could keep up such a fantastic rate of loss, particularly without running in the mix. In a way it must be a bit encouraging though, because from my perspective if I knew that I could keep up a decent pattern of weight loss whether I was running or not, then injuries wouldn't send me into such a blind panic and period of depression.

I feel your pain re:physios. Getting an appointment with mine is like booking London 2012 tickets...


Running Rob said...

Happily Jess I did manage to get through this morning AND got an appointment for Monday so quite pleased with that. Also, you're right - life does seem rather more pleasant now I'm losing a little. I think its a bit like I mentioned in a blog entry a few weeks ago: the same size/weight can feel very different depending if you've lost or gained to get to that point.

Maria said...

Irn bru rock sounds interesting!
I am glad you are in a more positive mindset now- I find it hard on rest days to stick to my food because it seems much less compared to when I exercise, so it must be really hard. But at least at this time of year nice salads and things are often what you fancy.