Monday, 18 July 2011

A very pleasing week

One week down and sixteen to go.

After months of being able to do well for 2 days then blow it all (and then some) for the next 5/6, this last week has been surprisingly easy.

I've kept to within 100 kcals of target (either side) each day from Monday to Saturday, then yesterday we went for a family meal out and thanks to exercise and slight moderation during the meal I suspect I stayed within 200 of maintaining - though the nature of what I ate made it impossible to accurately capture.

I can't say that I have found it particularly challenging thus far either. Long may that continue.

On the exercise front its a similar story.

I went to the gym each day, doing a workout on 6/7 and just doing some gentle swimming on the other day. I've very much enjoyed what I've been doing and can see and feel the benefits very clearly already.

Achilles wise its not so clear cut.

On the plus side I've (mainly) been doing the concentric as well as eccentric strengthening, which puts me ahead on the achilles exercise front; and there's been no major aggravation from using the cross trainer. On the minus side it still feels a bit stiff and occasionally a little painful and is certainly still very sore if pinched even slightly.

One sobering moment was when I'd been doing some lunge walks on the running track. At the gym there is a small but useful indoor running track that I'd earmarked as perfect for running drills and plyometrics, so, flushed with endorphins I decided to try hopping along it on my uninjured side and then stupidly did the same on the left. Sore during and instantly very sore afterwards.

I think there's still some way to go.

Off to the physio this morning and it may well be that she'll tell me I'm OK to run. Part of me hopes she does but part of me is frightened that if she does I'll struggle and make the injury worse. Its not often I feel frightened to try something but this time its certainly there.


Sarah said...

It sounds like you've been doing really well and having a good time too - which is important!
It's always a bit nerve-wracking going to see a professional about an injury. Hopefulyl she knows her stuff and you can talk through everything with her. Even if she says you're OK to run, it doesn't mean you have to throw yourself into it 100% - you're enjoying what you're doing at the moment, so you could just incorporate a little running and build it up.

BabyWilt said...

Very pleased to hear your mojo is slipping back into place.
I'll second what Sarah said but also add make sure you ask your physio is she says you can run if it will inhibit or enhance the healing process.

~Jessica~ said...

Everything crossed for you Rob: when my achilles was playing up way back in the ye olde days of 2009 pinching it absolutely killed in terms of pain well after I was okay to run, so I wouldn't take that as a sign of doom.

And massive props for proving that you don't need running to be in control of your diet and exercising habits.


Rose said...

Sounds like a great week Rob. Great progress on the food front and good to hear that the gym pattern is slipping into place.

Good luck at the physio today. I hope that it goes well xxxx

Maria said...

Hope the physio appointment goes well. And great to hear a positive mood from you too- keeping everything in check will help with recovery too.