Tuesday, 28 June 2011

First tentative steps

More Ronnie Corbett than Paul Bunyan, but on the back of yesterday's advice (on and off line) I took the first steps to getting back on track yesterday:

  1. I weighed myself (13st 7.4lb as opposed to 11st 9lb at the start of April)
  2. I entered all my food/drink onto WLR
  3. I maintained the appropriate deficit
  4. I didn't eat any crap
  5. Sue got me some new shorts (thirty frickin' four waist and thirty frickin' two quid)
  6. I made sure I had lots to drink through the day
  7. I sent an email to the physio asking for an appointment
On the last point I'm 99% certain of what I have, what the treatment is and what the possible prognosis is but I want some advice on the when and what to do running wise. For example, based on the severity I think I have/had Noakes says achillies tendonosis needs an initial 3 weeks rest but I've had 2 weeks and in the last week there's been little improvement so do I still run at 3 weeks? If so how far? In what conditions should I bail out? Am I really rating the severity accurately? I suppose I'm after a framework for the what and when of treatment and hopefully recovery.


~Jessica~ said...

Good signs of progress there I think.

My problem with resting injuries etc. is just that level of uncertainty, so I just end up running until I can barely walk. I think a physio could definitely help with your worries and concerns, and also perhaps give you a rehab programme?

I've had to buy a tonne of new clothes too, so I really sympathise with that: I chucked all of my 'fat' wardrobe too, resolving never to go back to that state again. It's horrible to be going back to 'those' sizes and I too grumble to myself when I have to pick up a size 'x' when for the past 4-5 years I've been a size 'y' but honestly there's nothing worse than trying to shoehorn yourself into your old stuff and it being bloody uncomfortable. I still have marks from where my ye olde shorts and bra have cut in to my waist and chest from weeks ago ;) Perhaps putting up with a minimal amount of clothes in the new size for the time being, but seeing the older clothes as the ultimate goal might help? I don't know, but I'm darn well not throwing out my old size 'y' clothes, not ever!

P.S You stay away from Beachy Head, Mister.

Manj said...

Oops, guilty of peeking but not having time to reply recently. Well done for day 1, expecting good things for day 2 :)

Laura said...

Sounds like you've made a good start. I hate buying clothes when you change weight, none of mine fit me right at the moment and it's so annoying :-(

Rose said...

Yay!!! Well done Rob. I think that the line has been drawn and that you can now think ahead with more positivity.

Clothes that fit will make you feel better and able to go out
Going out will make you feel happier
Feeling happier will make you feel better about everything!
Visiting the physio will give you two things - a bit more clarity on the injury and a way forward....

Keep us posted!