Wednesday, 20 July 2011

I'm a Runner (again)

I hope I'm not being like David Cameron's father should have been (premature) but I think I'm putting yesterday's mile down as a success.

It was only a nine minute mile jog along a straight stretch of canal towpath but it felt fine during the run. Mind you, jogging for even a mile felt shockingly difficult after so many weeks off.

Maybe more importantly than how it felt during the run, it felt no worse than normal after and the same can be said for this morning too - a little stiff, marginally sore but nothing that isn't there every morning. As I also did 80 minutes on a cross trainer and my additional achilles strengthening exercises yesterday its particularly pleasing.

So, rest day today (if a 6 hour drive and 2 hour meeting can be seen as rest) and only a swim in the evening. Tomorrow or Friday I'll push the boat out and go for 2 miles!


Laura said...

Glad you had a successful mile :-)

Rose said...

Yay to that successful mile and an even bigger Yay to the fact that it feels okay today.

Did she really mean that if it was okay you could instantly double the distance? Might it not be better to stick with a mile for a couple more runs before pushing it?

I know that you want to do a 'proper' run but you really don't want to set yourself back by trying to do too much too soon. If you do have to run then what about compromising with adding a mile of jogging rather than actually running it (by jogging I mean so slow you feel you could walk faster! - 10:30 or 11:00 min miles...


BabyWilt said...

YAY :-)

Sarah said...

I'm glad it went well!
I hope it continues getting better :-)

Maria said...

Good stuff- hope you can build on that success. Plus what Rose said :)

~Jessica~ said...

So happy for you Rob.

I must say I would kill for even that short distance but I'm still in the early stages and you have more than 'done your time!' I just have Runners' envy as per usual.

Hope things still feel good today.


Rose said...

Hey's it going now?