Monday, 18 October 2010

Walking like an ape

Not too bad on the aches and pains front - just enough to have me walking with a rather lolloping simian gait.

I remember last year that on Sunday morning (the race had been held on a Saturday) I felt quite stiff but still went on to stupidly run a 10k race that morning. This year definitely isn't so bad.

Virtually nothing from the calves (which were tightened by the uphills no doubt, but also stretched by the steepest due to the foot position); hammies are fine; quads have a hint of soreness from the long fast down hills but most of the stiffness is in the glutes (mede and max) which will be from the steep uphills.

A good stretch and some Pilates later will sort that lot out.

The groin/pelvic fatigue I had on Saturday is completely gone so I can go back to daily core exercises today too.

The only other after effect is the top of the left foot just below the leg is a bit sore and feels unstable. I know this came from turning my ankle early on in the race on a loose rock but the pain wore off after a couple of minutes, only returning last night. I think that will be fine with rest but hopefully still OK to run on tomorrow evening.

I really want a good dieting week this week - October has been at best 'inconsistent' and at worst downright bad - and with the Wistow 10 mile race looming on Sunday I want to trim off a couple of genuine pounds as well as lose any food in transit for then.

Wish me luck!


Alison @ Running From, Running To said...

Whew, I am very relieved to hear that your groin / hips are ok! Not so good on the ankle, but I think after hurling yourself down vertiginous slopes, you've come off quite well.

I have to confess that I only managed my physio exercises twice yesterday. And I ate the carbohydrate quota of a 6 foot ultra runner. So let's get our shit together eh, and make the 2nd half of October count.

Good luck us!

Laura said...

Good luck for the race, I'd like to try a 10 mile one, I was going to in Jan but it got cancelled!

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