Saturday, 9 October 2010

That was the week that was

Ok, so Friday of last week I weighed in and was pleased with the results but then what happened?

First of all was my Friday battle.

Following an early morning run of just under 5 miles I hadn't planned to do anything different to normal but the opportunity of a lunch meeting at a Persian restaurant presented itself and that felt like fate rewarding me for the previous month's endeavours. I still wasn't sure I'd do too much differently diet wise and deliberately chose healthily (which happily coincided with my favourites if truth be told): an enormous lemon and parsley dressed salad of crisp lettuce, cucumber, tomato and olives; a little bit of homemade bread; grilled chicken, roast tomato and a mound of light rice cooked with tiny broad beans and lots of dill.

Trouble is its very difficult to calorie count a meal like that which invariably leads to a temptation to scrap the rest of the day diet wise.

By mid afternoon I had half a mind to go OTT though and went to the shops with the purpose of treating myself to a couple of chocolate bars. When I got there there was little I really fancied and half talked myself out of it by settling for a Milky Way!

In the evening I still felt fairly full from dinner time so opted, unwisely to 'just have some toast' for tea. Some toast turned out to be about 8 slices. With cheese. Lots of cheese.

Saturday started well enough and I spent most of my time cooking but by 7pm I felt sorely tempted to buy sweets. So I did. Lots and lots of sweets.

Sunday morning was the long wet run previously blogged and was fairly healthy food wise too with a soya chili and baked potatoes for tea.

Then followed a relatively stressful week with work (for various reasons) with copious over eating (to binge proportions) peaking on Thursday and Friday: 5 chocolate bars, big bag of sweets, Mcdonalds, 4 cream cakes. I'm positive it was a response to stress.

So that's over a week wasted in terms of diet and having promised we'd have a Chinese for tea tonight my aim is just going to be damage limitation for the day then have a good day tomorrow.

Running wise it was a little better. On Tuesday evening I did a fairly brisk and hilly 8.25 miles and then on Thursday a deliberately sedate 4.75 miles. I may get out today for another very short, very easy run and then tomorrow I'll do last week's route again.

Well, there you have it. Some positives but overall a less than auspicious week. Hopefully this entry will draw a line under it.


runningcupcake said...

Hey everyone has those weeks. The important thing is you have drawn a line under it, and will move on. At least you have been active and getting out there. Onwards and upwards.

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