Wednesday, 13 October 2010


No, its nothing terrible like a broken leg, recurrence of groin injury or sudden development of ITBS. No, its far more painful than that.

Its blisters.

Sunday's run, blogged a couple of entries below, gave me blisters from running with tight calves which changed my gait/footstrike. On Monday I applied 3 large Compeed plasters to each foot and that really helped - almost no discomfort during the day yesterday. Not so for last night's run.

After about 2 miles I began to feel them and by 4 miles they were effecting me. The inside edge of the right big toe and ball joint seemed to be rubbing badly through the Compeeds and the one right beneath the gap between big and second toe on the left foot felt like someone was holding a lit match to the skin (not helped by the compeed there having worked loose as its an awkward spot).

I may have to avoid running for the next 4 days to let them settle ahead of Sunday's race and apply a taped dressing to the left foot before the event.

That's a real b*gger as other than the blisters I feel good.

I've got back on the logging/weight loss process since Sunday and have worked out a loose daily exercise plan to get me doing Pilates exercises daily along with concerted work on the recalcitrant calves and a general stretching and lower body strengthening routine. I'd got very lax with all of that for many weeks so I'm just setting myself up to do calves and Pilates about 6 days a week and the other stuff about 3 times a week each. Ethos is the same as weight loss - less structured pressure hopefully leading to more compliance.

Last night's run was a club run of 7.34 miles at an average of 7:57 a mile over a fairly hilly course - a series of long up or down hills with about 170m of ascent overall. Pleased with that - just the sort of run, pace and gradient I want from Tuesday runs - tough enough to give some good training effect but not cause any particular feeling of fatigue or stiffness the next day.

Assuming running is off the agenda the rest of the week probably will contain...CV at the gym today, Friday and maybe Saturday and my very first Spin class tomorrow.

Wish me luck! Anyone got any tips for spinning?


BabyWilt said...

OOOFFFF, spinning! Hubby loves it, I hate it.

I tried out a 30 minute intro class once and nearly died - it took as much time to make it out the change room as it did to do the class and I didn't even shower!!!

You will only know once you've finished and I think its a bit like marmite :P

Running Rob said...

Well...I do like Marmite so... :)

Its a beginners class but sounds like it still might be tough - I'd had visions of being surrounded by octogenarians with baskets on the front of their bikes.

Alison @ Running From, Running To said...

I have no advice about spinning, but I thought you'd enjoy the fact that my physio told me that despite having had gait analysis, I'm in completely the wrong trainers!

Running Rob said...

That'll be because gait analysis is bollocks......;)

marmot said...

I love your blog, this is my first visit, and I learned a lot from reading it.Thanks!

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