Friday, 5 June 2009

Just reading through the last entry and these words caught my eye:

"...if I withdraw my diet and fitness could go to pot."

Well, I got that right!

The leg was sore for several days and it seemed daft to do Edinburgh so I rested some more and started again. For the next few weeks though my tibialis anterior muscles felt really worn out whenever I tried to run leaving my lower legs feeling dead almost from the off. I'd do 20 miles one week then cut back to 10 the next.

At the same time my weight steadilly crept up, peaking at 13st 4.6lb - comfortably heavier than Paris by more than a stone.

This last week I've got the mojo back a bit. For the last 9 days I've dieted well barring a mini binge today and one last Sunday and have lost 8.8lb. This week I've done two runs - 6.80 miles with Abbey on Tuesday then a 5 mile tempo run yesterday and for each I felt good before, during and after. I'll do a couple of miles with Bethan tomorrow and then 9.5 wih Sue on Sunday.

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