Friday, 12 June 2009

A family affair

Generally speaking I think the mojo has definitely been rediscovered. Running wise at least...

Ran with Beth on Staurday and she did her fastest 2 mile time to date. She's trying to eat more sensibly and its paying off in how she looks and fitness I guess. She got some new trail shoes by way of a reward/encouragement on Sunday. She'll do her first solo race in July.

On Sunday morning it was Sue's turn to conquer new territory when we did 10 miles along the canal. She did it in under 10 minute miles despite tiring in the last 2 miles on a fairly warm day, which was excellent.

Tuesday was back to running with Abbey, where we did about 7 miles of part road part trail and an average pace of 8.36. Pleased with that - partly because it was the fastest pace I've done a club run at, partly because the weight is still high-ish, partly because it was hilly, and partly because the first 3 miles were accompanied by fatigue and pain in my tibialis anterior muscles. I'm sure the latter was because I hadn't stretched much for a number of days - including after Sunday's run.

Legs felt a wee bit stiff on Wednesday but did another short run with Beth and hen did a 5 mile tempo run yesterday. The tempo run felt harder (and slower) than last week's equivalent, but it was warmer, sunnier, I swallowed more flies, my legs were still slightly stiff and I probably hadn't drunk enough either. Still pleased with it though.

Weight loss hasn't been so good. The in laws came to stay at the weekend which meant a big meal Saturday evening and then Sunday dinner out the next day. The latter's self service buffet proved too tempting and even the 3 puddings I had there didn't prevent my having 8 slices of toast in the evening! Monday was even worse - away with work I binged: 6 chocolate bars, chips & peas, a curry, peanuts, milk. I felt really sick after. When things like that happen it worries me but I've been back on track since and overall I don't think its had a huge impact. Still looking for 11 and 1/2 stone by the end of July.

Happily no aches or leg stiffness to report today, ahead of the weekend's running.

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