Friday, 3 April 2009

The storm before the calm before the storm

Friday afternoon, with about 40 minutes to go before the taxi arrives to take us to the airport. Family is going through its usual pre-departure stressing. Normally I'm the ring leader and star performer of that particular circus but I'm pretty chilled right now.

All packed, I don't think there is anything I've forgotten, pace for Sunday worked out. Its just a matter of getting there, doing the Expo thing, having a little run on Sunday then we're all done.

Only concern is the weather. The forecasts for Sunday that I've seen over the last week started off as the upper teens and sunny, switched to dull, drizzly and 13c but then sadly now seem to be pointing again at about 20c and sunny. That's going to be tough for everyone, possibly me more than most, but not as bad as 2 years ago by a long way. Hopefully the peak temperatures will be after I've finished.

This week I did 5 miles on Tuesday and 2 miles yesterday, the latter at 14c and I was sweating buckets even then! Only big decision made was to run in the old Paramounts rather than the new ones. The decisions still to be made are whether to wear sunglasses or a cap or neither - and for that I'll need to find a weather forecast on Saturday; and whether to wear a dressing over the blister.

Blister is healing well and to all intents and purposes is healed but even after 2 miles I can feel a slight rub on the soft new skin which suggests a dressing for 26.2 miles might be advisable. Only risk of that is the dressing bunching and causing a new blister before I realise. Have to wait and see.

I think I have time to squeeze in a final carb loading banana before we go...

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