Saturday, 28 March 2009

One week to go...

This time next week I'll be in gay Paris, probably nervously pacing the apartment or, with luck, sitting outside a café in the sunshine.

Another good week really. I did a club run on Tuesday, generally taking it a little easier than normal but pushing the pace strongly in the last 1.5 miles just for the positive buzz. Totalled up at 5.5 hilly miles.

On Thursday I ran with the club again, this time a 'short hill repeats' session. I'd expected a very slow but hilly 4 miles but it ended up as 6.5 miles including 10 times up and down Tinshill Drive. I didn't quite go all out but it was still a tough run and maybe not in the spirit of the taper - especially as the plan said it would be a 2 mile jog following 5 miles on Tuesday.

Today I went for a run with Sue. We'd never done that before and it was nice to go along the grey and windy canal side. We set off to do 3 miles together with me then adding 5 on for the prescribed 8 easy miles but I repeatedly lied about the distance so that we did 5.3 miles together - just to show her that she can do more than she thought. She seemed pleased as its a 6 mile race she is building up for. I then just tagged on an extra 1.7 brisker miles to finish at 7, really to try and offset the tougher than planned earlier part of the week.

Weight loss has been good too. By Friday morning the scales were down to a fantastic 12st 3.0lb but a bit of a binge has them temporarily at 12st 5.8lb today. I want a good day today and tomorrow to be back at 12/3 for Monday, after which its maintenance and then carb loading.

Blister still healing very slowly and beyond that no great physical problems. I am getting increasingly tetchy though. I probably need to get a good chunk of packing done this weekend in order to feel in control, particularly as I have a tough week at work before we go, including 3 meetings (one in Southampton) and several documents to write.

I'll get there.

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