Friday, 27 May 2011

Ice, Ice, Baby

First of all I'd like to apologise for the title. It does run the risk of making people think of Vanilla Ice or worse Jedward. In fact, worse still it could prompt people to think of the X-Factor more generally: Cowell, Cole and the X-Factor's educationally sub-normal viewers. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

I digress. The title actually refers to my new best friend: the ice pack.

After Wednesday's run my Achilles felt sore again but by yesterday morning it was far worse and I was hobbling quite noticeably. So, I limped my way to Boots and got a re-usable ice pack (that needed freezing first) and an instant ice pack. When I used the latter for 20 minutes it was fantastic - instant pain relief - and when I walked there was no pain and virtually no limp (what there was probably being a result of my still holding the foot stiff). I carried on icing every 2 hours and it's felt fine. Woke this morning and it feels good as gold.

However, I get the feeling that running today may not be wise so I'll try a 20 minute walk and if that is ok I'll try the gym later on. If they're both ok I'll try a short run tomorrow and take it from there. Fingers crossed and keep up with the healing vibes Jess.

Diet was fine yesterday. No exercise made it tough but I stayed 900 under maintenance so pleased with that, particularly as that included room for a small treat - a refrigerated Curly Wurly with a cup of coffee while watching the Diamond League athletics last night. 115kcals and it'll last a good 10 minutes.

One last thought. I've decided to opt for weekly weigh ins. In the past I've had success with daily weigh ins as well as no weigh ins but each method also had its challenges. Next weigh in is Wednesday.

What do others do? Weekly, daily, hourly, not at all?


~Jessica~ said...

For me, weighing in daily messes with my head too much. It tends to make me either a) overeat because I'm depressed the scale has gone up and I'm thinking 'what's the point?' or b) overeat due to the temporary high of weight loss and thinking I can 'get away' with more calories. It's part of the trap I've fallen into and I'm hoping perhaps weekly weighing will be better: not weighing in just allows me to go into denial that my capris (haha) have shrunk or some such excuse.

I have used the same post title in the past so no shame there. Although I had no idea Jedward had covered that song. It's too hideous to think about *shudders*.

Congrats with the deficit despite the injury: I don't think I've ever managed that. And my healing powers are still on full blast ;)

Also, my blog was never 'private' per se: I just made it that way temporarily until I could crawl out of my cake-filled hole long enough to post. It's open access again now :)

BabyWilt said...

I agree with Jessica, daily weighing would drive me doo-lally. Weighing weekly seems to be more levelled for me, having said that I wasn't pleased with my weigh-in this morning thanks to yesterdays pasta intake and body pump class :(

Hope your Achilles heels (sorry, pathetic attempt at humour!).

Anonymous said...

Yeah I would say weekly must be better than daily. Glad the ice pack worked. And a refridgerated curly wurly and coffee for a treat??? GENIUS! I'm so doing that tomorrow.

Laura said...

Weekly is better than daily I would say and measurements around certain areas are probably better still.. Not that I can stick to my own advice like...