Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Doing nothing

Sometimes doing nothing is the best thing. Hopefully, yesterday was one of those occasions.

After Sunday's run I had some soreness (by Monday) at the top end of my left Achilles. I assume this is because my calves were tight from doing approximately bugger all in terms of both running and stretching for 3 weeks prior to running over 16 miles.

Hindsight says easing back in with 10 miles may have been a wiser course of action but what's done is done. Its not a major injury: there's no inflammation or redness but it still felt a little painful when walking yesterday.

I suspect it would have eased off while running but that might have prolonged the symptoms so no run for me yesterday and today's run will just be an easy paced 6 miles or so to play doubly safe, then tomorrow I may haul my bloated carcass to the gym.

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Maria said...

Hindsight is always the most exact science anyway!