Monday, 12 July 2010

Happy with that

Overall I'm happy with the last week - even if the weekend proved to be a bit of a challenge.

Monday was a rest day and also proved to be a rhubarb crumble day too! As a rest day there weren't that many calories in the allowance to start with but I had done well until early evening. By then Sue went back to work for a bit and left me, the girls and a rhubarb crumble in the oven. I intended to resist but when I put theirs out it proved futile and 3 helpings later I left it alone!

Tuesday was good though. Stuck to target and clawed back some of the previous day's crumble damage through an undulating 6.4 mile trail run with a faster group in the evening. I was pleased with that as there were little or no breaks and I managed to hold the pace far more comfortably than I'd have expected.

Wednesday was a rest from running but I did head to the gym to do some weights. Still able to increase weights further without any doms afterwards.

Thursday meant speed training in the evening. In this case cross country pyramid intervals of 6, 8, 10, 8, 6 minutes ostensibly at 10k pace, plus warm up and cool down runs. It was hard work but I found myself doing them at more like 5k pace which, again, was pleasing.

Maybe that inspired me to run again on Friday, even though it wasn't planned. Possibly a mistake. I headed out along the canal to do 4 easy miles but it was extremely hot and muggy and I felt jaded from the outset. On a whim I decided to head back the longer route back along the river but felt I had no energy and had to stop 4 times en route. The experience wasn't helped by the path being overgrown with long grasses, brambles and above all nettles leaving me stung from ankles to the tops of my thighs. Did also mange a trip to the gym where, at last, I found a couple of taxing weights to lift - not that that makes me in any way strong, its purely relative - and which left me with a bit of soreness in the left deltoid/upper triceps area by Sunday.

Saturday wouldn't normally be long run day but with my marshaling on the Sunday I had to switch. I don't know if it was the runs the previous days or the heat but it was another toughie. I set out more slowly than normal without realising and whilst the first 5 miles got progressively quicker they were all some way slower than a normal LSR average. I expected the pace to naturally lift from there but by 6 miles I'd slowed again and was finding it hard going. After a brief stop I did another 5 miles but these were slower still, then after a drink break did a slightly brisker final 1.5.

It was tough, it was pretty hilly and it was certainly sunny, hot and muggy. Afterwards we went to Gateshead for the athletics and by the time we got home I felt absolutely zonked.

On Sunday I just cycled to/from the marshaling at the Eccup 10 race - no more than 8 miles. When I got back Sue and the girls had left for her parents in order to attend a family gathering (that marshaling and work stopped me going to) and whilst I resisted the lure of the takeaway I did hoover up most of the crap from the fridge and cupboards. I'm not going to be hard on myself for that and maybe I needed it after a couple of hard days.

Overall I'm pretty pleased.

Exercise wise I did all I intended to do - albeit that it included an extra run and one missed gym trip - and the quality of the 2 club runs was pleasing. The two runs that I found harder I'll just shrug my shoulders at and move on.

I'm probably even happier with the food intake - despite going overboard at the beginning and the end of the week - because I'm pleased at what I didn't do.

I've learned to recognise my binge triggers:

  • Stress
  • Being alone at home when Sue goes away
  • Tiredness
  • Over training
All of these played their part last week. Sue was out on Monday and Wednesday evening as well as going out for her second meal out of the week on Thursday while I was running; Wednesday was probably the most stressful day at work for a very long time and that carried over into Thursday & Friday; Saturday and Sunday I felt tired, partly through not being able to sleep well Friday night and partly from running 3 days on the bounce; yesterday I was home alone from 12.30pm.

I did over eat those two days but I didn't on Wednesday and managed the stress challenge really well. I resisted the takeaway on Sunday as well as the strong temptation of nipping to the shop for biscuits or chocolates. When we went to Gateshead, despite being tired, pooped from the run and 'out' I resisted the chocolates, crisps and sweets at the refreshment kiosks. That might not sound like much but the challenges I had could have made it far worse!


Alison said...

Ha, you know my LSR looked almost exactly the same this weekend. First 6 miles were a teeny bit slow, but picked up as I'd normally expect. Then at just shy of the 10k mark I felt totally zonked. Looped back home for a drink. Squeezed out another 5 with walking breaks. Another drink. Then pushed out 1.5 at marathon pace. I think it must be something about the weather. Though I was also a little tired coming into it. 6M is my average comfortable steady run, so I wonder whether it's just conditioning, plus poor prep?

Good work on the club runs though. And - more importantly - the food. I know that's been your achilles heel recently (pun totally intended! ;) )

Running Rob said...

Thanks - though yesterday ended up being another 'refuelling' day. I can live with that. Maybe my body needed it - and the same thing did me no harm in the long run last week.