Monday, 5 July 2010

Better balance

Definitely a more balanced week.

Four trips to the gym, sticking to weight loss practises and fairly consistent running - albeit a few miles short on Sunday.

First day firmly back on the waggon. Went out for a short lunchtime run round the block three times from home. 2.9 miles with some strides.

Club 5k handicap in the evening. All told I did ok. Beat my handicap (albeit that it was possibly a bit high) and finished 11/38. Felt I was capable of more but warm weather, hills and little experience of pacing a 5k all caught me out - last mile being down almost at half marathon pace. Managed to limit the damage at the rather good club barbecue afterwards too!

Took the opportunity to do an easy paced 4 miles along the canal from Rodley. Easy paced but not easy - much too warm for that. The possible lower abs/groin unease I felt seems to have disappeared.

Managed a brief lunchtime trip to the gym to do some weights but the planned speed session on the track had to be canned when work got in the way. May not have been a bad thing as it would have been 6 consecutive days running.

Was due to be a rest day but having missed the previous day's speed session I headed for the gym in the evening and did some weights.

Ran with Bethan in the morning - a slow 4.5 miles - then cycled to the gym to lift some weights. In creased the weights again and for the first time got some slight DOMS in the back the following day!

Ran round the course for the Pudsey 10k. I'd intended to run round it twice but after the first I decided to head to Eccup for the second 6 miles. By the time I'd got there I felt tired and stiff (didn't sleep well the night before) so skipped it. Probably over ate due to the big roast dinner but no binge and wont have truly gained from it. Pudsey is a very hilly course for a 10k though - nearly 700ft of climb.

Good results overall.

I measured myself on Saturday and have lost centimetres from everywhere compared with 4 weeks ago; weight was 4lb down (and fat percentage too) by the last time I weighed on Friday, enjoyed doing the weights and had a reasonable running week. Plus, I felt I already looked better and certainly felt better.

Making Wednesday an 'official' weigh in day alongside the family weigh in day of Saturday to help me stay focused throughout the week. Will post some results then.

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