Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Its coming down like stair rods...

...and the sky is the colour of slate. Really mixed weather - an hour ago there was a thunderstorm and 10 minutes ago it was sunshine and white cloud. Should add some variety to tonight's run anyway!

Physio appointment last week brought good news. Firstly I seem to be a little less tight and a little stronger, secondly I am doing the exercises properly (though there are a couple I could sharpen up by slowing down) and finally my aims of a 'racing season' in the autumn should be achievable without too great a risk of injury.

Carrying on with the same exercises and with the addition of 3 more for the next 3 weeks then its back again. Running wise I still should try to stick to the 5.5 mile limit, at no great pace and not on muddy trails but the physio did say I'd be ok to start going out on club runs again - as long as I run with one of the slower groups at first just to limit distance.

And that's where I'll be tonight. In the rain!

The runs for the last week have been fine except for last Friday's fall. I'd never fell while running until earlier this year when I slipped on a rock but I've now doubled my tally.

I went out in road shoes, not really appreciating how wet the towpath was from a couple of days of rain but fortunately also wore a long sleeved top. At one section of path there are a number of pieces of brick/hardcore poking through and somehow I very slightly caught the toe of my right foot on one and went hurtling forward. It seems I tried to land on the inside of my left instep and fell onto my right side - leaving some slight scratching to my calf and hands, bruising to the thigh and left big toe and a bloody lump just below my right elbow - all hidden by mud until the post run shower. Funnily enough I didn't feel a thing until I got back into the car a mile later (at the time I was more annoyed that I hadn't thought to immediately pause the Garmin!) but it did break my rhythm for that last mile.

Beyond that I did 10k on the Concept 2 on Saturday (as well as a bit on the cross trainer) and then did another canal side 5.5 miles on Sunday followed by the latest Dales walk - Kettlewell to Starbotton and back via a climb up Cam head - about 6 miles.

Weight still fluctuates within the week but is generally falling - 2lb off last week overall. Definitely feel and look better for that.

Its still chucking it down though...


Fudgey said...

Great news on the physio / recovery front.

anna said...

glad it looks like a racing season :) nothing better than having something to aim for.

shame about the fall but at least it adds a bit of excitement ;)