Monday, 14 June 2010

Now the pressure is on

I should have hit my weight loss target a long time ago.

By late April to be precise.

Yet here I am in mid-June and its looking a long way away.

The last 3 weeks echo the results and sentiment of the entry below. I've done no core work, haven't been to the gym, missed a couple of runs, haven't logged what I've eaten, have eaten a number of very unhealthy meals and snacks and have even missed a couple of scheduled runs.

I could come up with a number of excuses/justifications: I had a cold for a couple of weeks, hay fever, felt stressed from work, didn't sleep well for a week, stayed away with work, stayed away on a farm for a long weekend enjoying cream teas, puddings and cooked breakfasts....but the truth is I've been a bit slack and let things stop me. Once something breaks my virtuous circle the wheels fall all too easily off.

I said in the entry below that I respond best when I have a target. I believe that's at its most accurate when the target is close and I have the pressure of being 'up against it'. That's true for far more than weight loss as I was the same with exams and still am with regards to work deadlines.

I'm up against it now. To get to 11 stones I'd be looking at early September, though I suspect I'll lose enough water and 'food in transit' this week that late August will be more accurate.

I have 3 things now helping me:

1) Running is going OK as I managed 13 miles yesterday with no ill effects.
2) Its now a family thing with joint weigh ins and measuring each week.
3) I've found the scales were set incorrectly so my body fat percentage was far lower than I'd previously thought.

The family approach looks like being a huge help and the scales settings mean that I may not now go for a target as low as 11 stones.

We shall see!

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