Wednesday, 12 May 2010

I am your weight loss God: praise me

When I weighed in on Monday I knew that I hadn't really put on nearly 11lb of fat and that the scales would probably show a marked decrease quickly.

By the same token I know that after 2 days I haven't really lost over half a stone of fat but the scales do say that's the weight lost, and I'm having that!

Pretty good really as I got in a 6 mile run yesterday but nothing Monday and on neither day did I really log properly - mainly because of the homemade vegetable/bean/tofu soup I'd made where I had no idea of calorific value or quantity consumed - but I knew it was clean eating and pretty much on track.

Also managed the physio's exercises again and worked out a programme of supplementary exercises from the two Matt Fitzgerald books, so very happy with that too.

Another hurdle today - back down that there London so no chance of a trip to the gym - but feeling positive all the same.

I'm feeling like one mean Martha far car.

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