Sunday, 16 August 2009

Part deux

Continuing the summary of the holiday running, this time with week two:

Monday - No real leg pain on waking so...optimistic that a rest day and a light run have 'cured' me I head out for 4.0/4.5 gently undulating miles. Soon realise my legs still feel 'dead' (especially anterior tibialis) and turn round at 1.6miles; partly in recognition that my legs aren't good, partly as that spoils the enjoyment of the run a bit and partly in a bid to take particular care with a race less than 2 weeks away.

Tuesday - After yesterday's difficulties I opt for another rest day and we head off to our old holiday stomping ground of Puy L'eveque - a pleasant trip down memory lane.

Wednesday - Headed to the undulating valley bottom route but did it in reverse for the psychological boost: 4.57 miles done at an easy pace. Legs felt more springy. Off to Puy L'eveque & Tournon again afterwards.

Thursday - An early start for Domme market again hence a forced rest day, though it probably doesn't do me too much harm after last week.

Friday - Legs definitely feeling more sprightly so the reverse undulating route done again (4.67 miles). Pushed myself a little on the way out before taking it easier (without realising) for a couple of miles, then pushed hard for the last half mile. 8.10 average overall, so pretty pleased that I seem to be recovered.

Saturday - Up early again to run amongst the vineyards, sweetcorn and market gardens south of Bergerac. Series of unused backroads that were flat and easy. Slower than yesterday - deliberately so - and felt sluggish, but completed 5.64 miles with no problems. Breakfast and a quick swim afterwards then the flight back to Leeds.

Sunday - Planned to do 6 miles along the canal but left myself the option of doing up to 10 if I felt ok. Felt cold at first (14c & breezy) but got into a reasonable rythmn and ended up doing the 10 miles @ 8.14 a mile. Evidently in better shape then I'd thought - despite not having much to drink yesterday afternoon and evening and feeling the last 2 miles in my legs.

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