Sunday, 25 January 2009

I'm stuffed

Nah, not out of the marathon - just full of food.

Been a good weekend. I didn't run yesterday I just nipped into town, spent 20 mins on the x-trainer at the gym then did some lower leg weights, had a quick shower and a sandwich (not concurrently) and went off to Elland Road to see Super Leeds United beat Peterborough 3-1, then dashed back to Kirkstall for a couple of hours at a family friend's 60th birthday doo.

Up early again today to squeeze in the final 5 mile run of my cutback week, home for a shower and drink then headed off to Bradford to drop the eldest at the ice rink (where Ellery Hanley is training for that celebrities on ice thing) for a birthday party while we went to Mumtaz for a curry. It may have screwed up my weight loss for a couple of days but poppadoms, pickles, salad, grilled prawns, chicken boti, nan bread, tandoori roti, vegetable karahi, Kashmiri tea and some weird desert (that contained kulfi and looked like a monster out of a 70s Doctor Who) was a price worth paying. Came home and had a couple of hours kip. I'll not eat much more today. I won't need to.

Run was easy enough. I went faster than target easy pace again but not by as much - 10 seconds or so a mile. Damn muddy and slippy along that tow path though. Thats the end of the cutback week - officially at least. The program normally calls for a 2-3 mile run on a Tuesday and in the cutback week that became 5 so I guess the cutback arguably ends Tuesday and didn't start until Friday?

I am a bit sore though. I'm not used to weights and whilst I only did 1x20 or on some machines 2x20 my groin feels sore today from the adductor (?) machine. I've got decent flexibility there but I may have pushed it a bit too far combining stretch with weights. It'll fade though. Just not sure when I'll go this week as I don't want to be sore going into a 14 mile LSR.

Its 14, 16 and 18 over the next 3 weeks. 14 is a well known quantity but 16 and in particular 18 mark the beginnings of the proper marathon training runs. Then its another cutback week before (from memory) 20, 16, 20 and then the 3 week taper. Feels alot closer now.

Week tomorrow and I'm off to the podiatrist's. Its part for him to advise on how to prevent reoccurence of injury and part to check my orthotics. They're 28 months old now and probably due for a change. It could take 6 weeks to get new ones (longer if he wants some new temporary ones in for a few weeks first)so I really ought to have got this done earlier. Ah, well, you live and learn eh?

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